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The palpus of pineapple honey also is eatable, have a way more also, can use Qing Dynasty to fry for example, OK also make itShanghai night net

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Thin pancake made of millet flour, also can fry a meal to eat additionally. Pineapple honey is effect of a kind of nutritionSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
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, also want to master a few principles when eating pineapple honey at ordinary times, understand the contraindication of a few food, eating Bo for exampleShanghai Long Feng forum

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Honey had better not eat when trailing plants is sweet, avoid to bring about bilge the symptom such as pneumoperitoneum have diarrhoea.

Can the beard of pineapple honey eat

Can the beard of pineapple honey eat

Join course one: Qing Dynasty fries pineapple honey

Resemble frying hotbed chives in that way, the recuperation of and so on of the salt that increase a point can, taste of pliable but strong of pliable but strong, slit between the teeth of not careful and easy stuff, but the faint scent that has pineapple honey, pretty is pretty good.

Join course 2: Pineapple sweet thin pancake made of millet flour

Must do pineapple honey broken paragraphs those who break is small, mix one case with egg, flour, booth becomes pancake. Those who do is salty, still also can eat a little Qing Dynasty sweet, not be bored with.

Can the beard of pineapple honey eat

Join course 3: Pineapple honey fries a meal

This is simpler, need the beard of pineapple honey directly and rice breaks up together fry, join condiment to become delicate cate namely.

Pineapple honey and what food photograph are overcome?

1, cannot eat together with honey

Pineapple honey is compared relative to moisture little, candy cent, if eat together with honey, honey and the molecular structure with sweet pineapple can produce reaction each other, can expand ceaselessly, make a few gas, the burden of aggravating intestines and stomach, cause easily bilge the symptom such as gas, full abdomen, diarrhoea, serious word still can cause death possibly.

Can the beard of pineapple honey eat
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2, cannot eat together with cold sex boiled water

When eating pineapple honey, can drink water, but do not drink cold sex boiled water, be like green tea, a variety of oolong tea. Especially green tea, both feed together may bring about the body unwell, the phenomenon of occurrence collywobbles. Because pineapple is sweet the gender is hot, and green tea also is cold sex drink, both the circumstance nature that at the same time edible can bring about bellyacke diarrhoea is aggravating.

3, cannot eat together with Bai Luobo

Vitamin C is contained a lot ofin pineapple honey, and vitamin C ferment is contained in Bai Luobo enzymatic, both if be being fed together, may affect the absorption of vitamin C, reduce its nutrition value.

4, cannot eat together with fruit of suffer from excessive internal heat

Pineapple honey is the fruit with hot sex originally, take much easier suffer from excessive internal heat, if return the fruit that takes additionally a few easy suffer from excessive internal heat at the same time, of course more make the anger inside body greater. So, pineapple honey is unfavorable eat together with food of other get angry, for instance litchi, longan, Durian, Gong Jie, mango.

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