Celebrate 54 youth day? ” strategic defense initiative: Front ” on line PC tries freely play

May 4 is youth day not only, and or Mexican festival Cinco De Mayo Eve is overnight on May 5. EA to celebrate this one regional red-letter day, the decision allows PC player to try freely play ” strategic defense initiative: Front ” , add give a lot of additional article and other ” strategic defense initiative ” game.

This second try freely play what will be a player to offer 4 hours ” strategic defense initiative: Front ” playtime, began go into effect at 11 o’clock on May 4 from local time, do not have date of expiration it seems that. Try nevertheless play download general on May 5 before dawn ended at 2 o’clock.

OK and affirmative, try play content to will not contain luxurious edition content, nevertheless ” strategic defense initiative: Front ” since last year in November since put on sale, almost every month has newer, so game content also is very rich.

Had bought ” strategic defense initiative: Front ” the player will be obtained give game the money 4, 444, during returning a red-letter day additionally, still meet add Hutt bond money reward newly, offer Bacta bomb for the player, explosion can provide huge treatment for teammate later.

” strategic defense initiative: Old republic ” also will provide palace guard of empire of fall from the sky during this patulous bag, that is to say the player can begin to play from role of a 60 stage directly. Should try play period of efficacy to end on May 30. Between next cycle inside land ” strategic defense initiative: Old republic ” the player can win register one’s attendance at a meeting or at an office award is mixed pair of times experience.

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