” Xi Chuba king ” battle trains the country battalion comes on stage the car on small battle force pounds Huang Long continuously

In the country in war game, you whether because is rank low and by cruel of blood of advanced course player? Whether don’t still have close body enemy to be enrolled to shoot Yu Ma by sniper’s shot? After whether reviving is pitch on enemy still done not have by group does injury skill affect be killed in battle? Not sad! We know you to be a country the determination of fight the enemy! Netease is brand-new country battle net swims ” Xi Chuba king ” rolled out a few days ago great update, player of force of low level, small battle can be passed enter a country battle training camp obtains puissant chariot, destroy a fight the enemy, pound Huang Long continuously!

The effort of everybody is worth to be respected, the face just was not become forcedly, battle training camp allows the country you save the nation in the curve on chariot! So how is camp of training of this country war run after all? And look small make up for the hero the fine fine line that tear open solution comes.

After this state-owned player reachs 70 level, the country is war will spark battle trains the country battalion. In attack just razzia border land after a minute, kingly, too division general can decide Wei or country whether open country war trains battalion. Satisfy the player that joins a qualification to will get hint on screen directly, inquiry whether open trains battalion into the battle that enter a country. If miss clew, the training camp pushbutton that still can pass top right corner nods an interface, sign up enter training camp! Additional, sign up the number that join is to limitation drips, at present both sides is 100 people each.

Sign up enter a country the player of battle training camp will be conveyed to drill an officer directly before, with its conversational hind gets resource to collect a car, leave for resource dot to undertake collection.

Resource is bit minutes elementary, intermediate, advanced, after training official office refers resource, will obtain individual integral, increase national integral rate of progress planned speed at the same time.

The chariot prop character that individual integral decides to be gotten finally (the faculty that character includes chariot prop to be able to use chariot of call of prop of frequency, chariot. And national plan decides the special capacity of chariot prop! That is to say, attack square country integral to achieve 60000 time-sharing for instance, chariot can be atttacked 5 close integral of general; country to achieve 120000 time-sharing, chariot attack city gate harms double; and national integral achieves 180000 time-sharing, chariot can atttack Huang Long directly. Then, player of small battle force also can living straight face Huang Long, it is a set that burn with righteous indignation really! What to still wait for, leave quickly with comrade-in-armses case collect a car, everybody picks up bavin, insanity to collect!

Train battalion open time more than 10 minutes when the country, after national integral achieves the first phase to ask, it is kingly likewise, too Wei or person national division can choose to shut training camp at any time. Of course, the opportunity that shut should depend on native resource accumulates degree and the judgement to real time war situation.

After training camp is shut, the player in sentencing training camp personally will play side of out of bounds directly, click devote into battlefield pushbutton, convey 5 close and advocate city battlefield, car of accept a challenge of the photograph that get fights.

Although chariot prop has the restriction of use frequency, but can repeat in training official office get. If the frequency is gone write down deferently answer training continue to get chariot prop ~ by the official that is to say, the player of small battle force can participate in a battle in chariot from A to Z, battle training camp is the country really make big profits with a small capital, benefit is unborn (cough) conscience set!

Bring profit this for a long time, small make up will sum up: A lot of people play a country battle, yearning is warm blood equestrian chop kill, refuse to obey dry destroy enemy 1000 army the; of heroic lofty quality of 10 thousand horses but, do not eliminate in real battle enemy strong I the circumstance of trough of weak, situation, need clever take by strategy right now, the biggest change the condition that uses battlefield to offer us, apply politic vanquish the enemy.

Outside camp of training of the battle that divide a country, xi Chu’s country still has complex weather, landform and the boundless strategy of the other appliance that attack a town in battle world, one battle comes before inviting sincerely a soldier!

Netease is brand-new warlike net swims ” Xi Chuba king ” open was not restricted on March 25 a test, all players have an opportunity to join troubled times of end of the Qin Dynasty, with brother a white hand makes the world, become national host, achievement most of the man do poineering work!

The way plays in what innovate in the round in, player aux will be able to gains the the stereoest, realest war experience, can pass already formic add attack city, 10 thousand people to rush blast, the; of oblivious of oneself passion in entering a battle also can kiss all previous what 18 groups political power adds up to Zong Lianheng is baronial and narrative, the tactics planning; that plays backside of field of fight in some places one by one still can become to go alone mercenary, change cumshaw with 10 thousand lis of country.

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