Does meaning China share plan to land hand in a: greatly? 3 annual interest of? of Huang of Bu of hertz  carbuncle cease defray is close 5 ten million

Chinese net finance and economics dispatch is lukewarm on July 10 city idea China receive plug-in unit Inc. (the following abbreviation ” meaning China share ” ) the near future is met in card inspect manual of website exposure raise capital by floating shares, the company plans to handing in a fair development greatly not to exceed 26.67 million all right, partner of its Central Plains makes public put on sale not to exceed 13.33 million, protect company of the gold in Jian orgnaization.

Public data shows, meaning China share is dedicated the industry that reachs research and development of its package product, production and sale at the connector that gives priority to with communication, offer perfect each other by-product to apply a solution for the client. 2014-2016 year, the company realizes business income 915 million yuan, 915 million yuan mix 991 million yuan, profit of net of the corresponding period is sixty-five million three hundred and sixty-four thousand seven hundred yuan, eighty-four million seven hundred and forty thousand seven hundred yuan mix ninety-nine million one hundred and four thousand yuan.

According to exposure of book of raise capital by floating shares, this second IPO plans meaning China share collect capital 524 million yuan, among them 100 million yuan are used repay the bank borrows money, fund of transport of 100 million yuan of compensatory battalion,

As we have learned, bear product value, cost the influence of fluctuant element, the product wool interest rate of meaning China share also appears the wave motion of certain extent, 2014-2016 year advocate integrated wool interest rate is business Wu respectively 26.49% , 28.93% with 30.51% , overall show ascendant trend, basically fasten price fall of the raw material inside report period and company to roll out high gross profit to lead new product be caused by continuously.

Additional, 2014-2016 year end, value of face of Zhang of receivable Zhang money is meaning China share respectively 25, two million three hundred and seventy-four thousand five hundred yuan, 24, eight hundred and forty-nine thousand six hundred yuan with 26, one million and eighty-three thousand seven hundred yu上海贵族宝贝交流区

an, the proportion that holds liquid assets is respectively 50.41% , 43.72% with 42.86% , amount and occupy taller, but show downtrend.

Reporter of Chinese net finance and economics still notices, sign day up to manual of raise capital by floating shares, meaning China share has Dongguan extreme health, Dongguan meaning million, Donggua阿爱上海同城

n meaning China receives heart and Suzhou plug-in unit 4 wholy-owned subsidiary, peaceful of Guan of its middle east health loss amount was two million seven hundred and forty-three thousand one hundred yuan 2016.

Meaning China stock still represents, the sale mode of the company and located industry cha上海千花网

racteristic decided its are receivable Zhang money and amount of goods in stock are larger, have particular demand to capital actual strength and capital investment. Taller capital requirement makes a company many loan, 2014-2016 the end of the year, the loan level of meaning China share is 293 million yuan respectively, 238 million yuan mix 223 million yuan, bring about company asset爱上海龙凤419桑拿

s indebted rate (parent company) amount to respectively 53.87% , 51.48% with 46.12% . Come of expenses of the interest i上海龙凤论坛sh1f

nside report period 4, nine million four hundred and four thousand four hundred yuan, the propor上海千花网

tion that holds net profit total is amounted to 19.82% .

Book of raise capital by floating shares shows, this second before issueing, of meaning China share controlling a partner is meaning China group, hold company the share of 63.3085% . Chen Xianmeng, Fang Jianbin, Jiang Youan, Fang Jianwen is the consistent action person of the company, 4 people are aggregate and direct hold company the share of 12.3669% , control publisher secondhand through meaning China group the share of 63.3085% , namely total control the share of 75.6754% , control a person actually for the company.

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