Forum of woman of the 6th channel ” virtuous wife, fine mother, filial piety daughter ” the word that become heat

The net austral Fujian on June 16 dispatch yesterday afternoon, with ” promote domestic goodness, establish good home wind ” 爱上海同城论坛

the forum of woman of the 6th channel that gives priority to a problem, the representing of all circles woman that comes from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Fujian in all 300 much people attend. (forum of the 6th channel holds Yu Zhengsheng to attend in Xiamen and make a speech)

First heavy head makes fun of greatly ” forum of goodness of family of the Chinese nation ” in, “Virtuous wife, fine mother, filial piety daughter ” the hot word that became forum. Country committee of job of one class playwrite, Chinese teleplay scriptwriter is standing vice-chairman, wang Liping of vice-chairman of association of Sha爱上海同城对对碰

nghai TV artist made gist make a speech.

Delegate work of Wang Liping has ” mother-in-law daughter-in-law husband’s younger sister ” , ” baby-sitter ” , ” undeserved kindness lifetime ” , ” the good times of daughter-in-law ” , ” twin city life ” , ” the age winter summer of my home ” , cover this 20 come to China for years the female’s phylogeny. Wang Liping around ” loving mother, virtuous wife, filial piety daughter ” the understanding that the concept put forward him.

She says, of new era virtuous wife ought not to be merely virtuous wife, the independenc上海千花社区

e that still includes individual character to go 上海贵族宝贝论坛

up and regard a woman as perfect self-discipline. What should have able and virtuous, kind and gentle heart, goodness is idiosyncratic, but the capacity that has take charge of a department alone even, want to be able to become the calm Nereus needle in the home, should take in the home hold proper, when the man has twists and turns, want to encourage him actively, can give aid to each other, prop up each other; Want to have tolerant mind. The loving mother of new era should not be before the figure of the sort of resign oneself to adversity, stoop to compromise, want to establish a model to the child however, the child can kiss inheritance of acting ground of the generation on the body to come down from the mother the spirit of a kind of loving mother. Female to filial piety, wang Liping thinks to ought to divide a part to understand. Filial piety is not only want in domesticity filial, extend social level even, the female is right friend, right colleague, right circumja爱上海龙凤419桑拿

cent person also should have a kind to friendly with valued manner. National People’s Congress enrages a dot, can have more friend. (this edition article pursues 上海千花网交友

Chen Zhijian makes overlapping Lin Qiuyan Chen Sigong Su Yu Zhang Yangong of reporter of Cheng Weitun learn on job

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