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Corn serves as the very common cate in the life, can make different variety, mouthfeel also is very pretty good. Can use stew at ordinary times or be to make a desert. But before corn must make treatment, the corn beard that stay and cornForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Skin, do not want to desertion as far as possible. Because can be used,make tea, have to the body very1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Powerful effect, and it is material of well known Chinese traditional medicine.

Tone of corn beard tea is much righter disease is drinkable won't wrong

The first: Corn needs tea

Material: Corn beard

Practice: The making method of corn beard tea is exceedingly simple, need to wash material clean above all, after developing bubble with boiled water next, take. Besides, OK also jade1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Rice must be put into boiler to join clear water to undertake infusion, shang Shui is taken after thoroughlying cook. Besides OK also the corn after dry in the shadeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Beard and green tea develop bubble with boiled water together, the result that such reducing weight is exceedingly right.

Tone of corn beard tea is much righter disease is drinkable won't wrong

The 2nd: Yi benevolence corn needs congee

Material: Corn beard, Job’s tears benevolence, rice, cogongrass root

Practice: corn beard corn beard still is put into boiler to add clear water cogongrass root together, leave medical fluid finally. Rice and Job’s tears are joined in medical fluid benevolence, after final infusion becomes congee, take.

Effect: This cookbook suits old people to take, have the effect of diuresis detumescence, also can have the effect of clear hot dehumidify at the same time. Besides, patient of damp and hot erythema also can take corn of this Yi benevolence to need congee, can promote a body effectivelySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Body restores health.

Tone of corn beard tea is much righter disease is drinkable won't wrong

The 3rd: Corn needs cogongrass root boiling water

Material: Corn beard, cogongrass root, red jujube

Practice: A hour immerses in putting capable person of 3 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine clear water, next infusion of again small fire 40 minutes. Leave medical fluid and red jujube to take finally.

Effect: This cookbook suits a few those who contract cholelith disease is medium old people is taken, especially courage damp and hot cholelith disease, take the body for a long time can more and more healthy.

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