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The nutrient value of red jujube and yam is to not allow of small gaze, right amount edible has huge profit to human body. For the effect them the biggest change, many people like to put them together boil make soup of Cheng Gongzao yam, unit operation of cargo handling especially simple, action is extremely powerful however, can be good at lung of aid digestion of lienal beneficial stomach, beneficial relieves a cough, disease of precautionary heart and vessels, reduce blood sugar to wait.

Value of nutrition of soup of red jujube yam is high

One, practice of soup of red jujube yam


Red jujube, yam, longan, lotus heart

Value of nutrition of soup of red jujube yam is high


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In Yushui of bubble of stripping and slicing of 1. yam flay, to prevent yam nigrescent, can drip in water a few white vinegar.

Value of nutrition of soup of red jujube yam is high

I choose 2. red jujubeShanghai night net

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Be city of Heibei dark blue is gold-rimmed small jujube, already machined clean, need not wash.

3. longan produces with Fujian Pu cropland power best, fleshy qualitative fleshy, after hull with lukewarm bleb soft.

4. lotus heart chooses the lotus seed that bring core, and do not buy blanch, want ecru grain big, expensive not a few money.

5. boils lotus seed and red jujube in all first, wait for next longan after lotus seed is crisp and yam, slow fire boils 15 minutes can. Can rock candy flavors.

2, the advantage that winter takes yam

1, be good at lienal beneficial stomach, aid digestion: Winter sports quantity decreases not can self-consciously, add, the several rate of old metabolization lower the bodyShanghai Long Feng forum

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The frequency grow in quantity of chaffy dish, can make suffer from on the odds grow in quantity of disease of intestines and stomach.

Yam contains much amylase, more phenolic oxidation enzymatic wait for material, be helpful for taste digesting absorb a function, it is to make the same score the medicine of filling taste to feed blindly taste amphibiously.

No matter lienal this world has a deficit or stomach. Empty, all but edible.

Face. Go up to often be used together with gastric bowel drink treat taste frail, feed the disease such as little body tired, have loose bowels, so winter Bao soup, eat chaffy dish to might as well join yam this one material.

2, beneficial lung relieves a cough: Winter is dry, cold, bigger to lung and guttural harm, in winter people is met very easily guttural and dry aching even, yam contains black glucoside, mucus to pledge, these two kinds of composition have lubricant, moist action, so but beneficial lung is angry, raise lung. , treat lobar theory, phlegmy cough, long cough wait for a symptom. Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaShanghai noble baby

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3, disease of precautionary heart and vessels: Winter, indoor difference in temperature is bigger, add air temperature general and inferior, it is one of peak season that cardiovascular disease disease sends, and yam contains many mucus albumen, vitamin and microelement, can prevent hematic fat effectively to be in charge of mural precipitation in blood, prevent painstaking effort disease, have fall the effect of blood pressure, smooth and steady mind, suit to eat in winter very much.

4, reduce blood sugar: Yam contains mucous protein, have the effect that reduces blood sugar, join common famished look in the center, the blood sugar that also can bring about in order to because eat and drink too much,prevent lifts suddenly, long-term edible, also have the effect with diabetic prevention and cure.

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